Hood Technology has trained about 150 test-console operators.  We use several techniques:

1. Short-Course

A three-day short course on the topic of blade-tip measurements for turbo-machinery employs a large number of visual aids.  To further illustrate the lessons, in-class demonstrations are given, using the Hood Technology data system and a table-top spinning bladed rotor exhibiting several synchronous blade resonances.  Students are then helped to use the data system to investigate blade resonances exhibited by the table-top rig.  This class has been delivered about 15 times since 2003.

2. Demonstration and Hands-on Training During a First Test

Hood Technology typically trains customers on site, sending a specialist to the test location.  Following training and continued support from Hood Technology, customer staff members then execute subsequent tests.

3. Teach Yourself from the Hood Technology Manuals

Several customers have taught themselves from our operator’s manuals.   In some circumstances, self-training is entirely possible with Hood Technology support.  We will ship the data system and then work with the customer to achieve satisfactory outcomes.