Sensor mounting almost inevitably requires a custom effort, one that may be undertaken by the customer with support from Hood Technology BVM or by Hood Tech BVM engineers directly in support of customer staff.  If the customer wishes to take the lead, Hood Tech provides detailed drawings of standard sensor dimensions, and the customer determines appropriate routing and designs suitable bosses to accept the sensors.  Hood Tech BVM engineers then review, in order to provide advice on, the conceptual approach.

If Hood Tech BVM is asked to undertake the customization effort, our engineers work with the customer to obtain drawings of relevant mounting dimensions and standards.  Hood Tech engineers then apply the experience gained through dozens of custom installations to design customized sensor housings and/or bosses to accommodate the sensors.

While Hood Tech’s Analyze Blade Vibration and Acquire Blade Data software programs encompass a wide array of applications and processing techniques, customers occasionally require customized displays or data communication (via DataSocket, TCP/IP or other) to other systems.  For these situations, Hood Tech will collaborate with the customer to implement required displays and negotiate data transfer protocols.