Analyze Blade Vibration is used to analyze data gathered with non-contacting blade-tip sensors.  Some features include:

  • Sensor Location Determination, based on user configuration, interblade spacing, or a combination of the two.
  • Supports multiple rotors and chordwise sensor positions.
  • Quick view of RPM-run history.
  • Quick view (aggregate) of synchronous / non-synchronous vibration with synchronous order determination.
  • Synchronous Analysis:
    • Circumferential Fourier fit (i.e. Order Tracking) using 3 or more sensors.
    • Single Degree of Freedom fit for each sensor or for combinations of times-of-flight.
    • Blade-by-blade viewing or stack plots.
    • Results can be exported to a Campbell Diagram and to Excel and Word formats.
    • User-configurable data smoothing and processing features.
  • Non-synchronous Analysis
    • Waterfall display.
    • Nodal diameter and true frequency determination of non-synchronous events.
    • Non-integral Circumferential Fit performed for single blade amplitudes.
    • Results can be exported to a Campbell Diagram and to Excel and Word formats.
    • Blade Stagger Angle Analysis
  • Blade-Tip Clearance Analysis
    • Supports two types of sensors:  (1) skewed dual light probes (aka V-probes, SDLP) and (2) sensors whose blade pulse voltage is a function of clearance.
    • Calibration can also include tip speed.
    • Calibration utility allows for qualitative results when no calibration exists.
    • Results can be exported to Excel and Word formats.

Figure 1:  Multiple screen captures from Analyze Blade Vibration software.